Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sticky Lips BBQ in Henrietta, NY

Sticky Lips BBQ Juke Joint ( ) in Henrietta, NY is, hands down, the tastiest BBQ I have ever eaten.  I know, a pretty bold statement, especially after my previous exclamations about Dinosaur BBQ in the same town.  The Juke Joint has a fun and frivolous atmosphere when you enter and the focus is all about the food.  There is even a substantial band stand that features local talent on select nights.  So it's not just a juke joint in name only!  Fast service, friendly smiles, knowledgeable staff and a huge menu are the order of the day. 

Starting with an order of Fried Green Tomatoes, they were perfectly browned and the accompanying tiger sauce gently spiced up the tomatoes.  This is the one dish where I give Dinosaur BBQ the edge due to their use of panko bread crumbs for a bit more tooth.  But the advantage is ever so slight.

Main course was the Billie Holiday as listed under the All American BBQ Combo section of the menu. This is the big combo so be ready to share and enjoy leftovers.  A heaping plate full of brisket, pulled pork, 1/4 slab of ribs and 1/4 chicken arrives with a heady, smokey aroma.  BBQ sauces are on the side so you can slather to taste.  Honey glazed corn bread is the standard accompaniment, along with a choice of two sides.  Make your choice and enjoy. 

The brisket was melt in your mouth beefy heaven while the pulled pork was tender, lean and smoky pink.  I'm still trying to figure our how the ribs stayed together since they were so tender.  And the chicken had a delightful smokiness.  Each meat was able to carry it's smokiness through slathering and sides without being overpowering.  Quite a feat considering how subtle and consistent it remained.

Sticky Lips BBQ is a serious 5/5 and well worth the stop if you at all close by.  Even better, get some BBQ from both Dinosaur and Sticky Lips and do your own comparison.  Just be ready to loosen your belt!!