Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Skyline Chili - Cincinnati, OH

A legend in the Cincinnati area, Skyline ( ) has multiple offerings that make full use of their unique style of chili.  Not a Chicago chili, meat chili, nor Texas hot chili, I detect cinnamon and chocolate flavors.   The two classic ways to indulge are either with spaghetti as a 5-way, 4-way or 3-way and as Coney dogs.

The 5-way spaghetti has a generous portion of spaghetti covered in the famous chili, diced onions, red beans and mounded with shredded mild cheddar.  The 3 or 4 way deletes items at your discretion.

My favorite is the Cheese Coney.  A short hot dog on a steamed bun is the carrier for mustard, diced onion, chili and a heap of shredded mild cheddar.  Why it's called a Coney is beyond me, but it is damn tasty!!

If anyone knows of a location closer than Indianapolis, please tell me!

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