Monday, June 25, 2012

Redamak's in New Buffalo Michigan

Wandering up along the western shore of Lake Michigan's mitten runs you right past the pleasant beachfront town of New Buffalo. A sandy landscape and vintage attractions great visitors, and when you need a summer meal, Redamak's is waiting. But only from March to October.
Established in 1975 if I recall correctly, it features a fine, simple hamburger. Order a single, double or triple as your appetite commands and dress it up. There were other options on the menu, but I honestly cannot recall what they were. Stick with their "legendary" hamburger and you will not be disappointed. Properly cooked crinkle cut french fries in a serving big enough for two are a fine accompaniment. House made fries would really put everything over the top. And steer clear of the dull curly fries.

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